Hi! My name is Tom, and this is The Enthusiasm Project!

Much of what I do is of the digital video variety, so you can see all videos on The Enthusiasm Project YouTube Channel! I’m also a high school digital media teacher with a lifelong interest in video, photo, and tech. Basically, I've always had "too many" hobbies, but finding ways to connect the dots and learn new things has always been incredibly fun. 

Here’s what I’ve been up to most recently:

I believe that making videos for YouTube should always be fun, so I don’t have a specific upload schedule but I’m always working on something, and I usually share at least one new video each week (and more when possible)! Sometimes I talk about gear and different products in my videos, but reviews are always objective, and unless I specifically say otherwise, I pay for everything myself. I like to teach and entertain– not sell products.