The Project Begins!


My name is Tom and this is the Enthusiasm Project– the end result of an idea I’ve been kicking around for the better part of a decade. As much as I've wanted to do this for many years, it was always easy to find plenty of reasons not to (there’s no time, I don’t have the resources, what if everyone thinks it’s stupid and makes fun of me and it’s middle school all over again, etc), but I couldn’t escape a very important and stark realization:

Life is short. Time is limited.

This thought is both terrifying and thrilling. I may not know a lot, but what I know for sure is that I don’t want to reach a point in my journey where I look back and wonder “if only” knowing full well that I’m at a point where it’s too late to do anything about it.

Before we go any further, here are a few ground rules to get us started…

What The Enthusiasm Project is NOT:

My goal is not to bombard you with stories from myself and others who’ve “got it all figured out” as they reminisce on their journey and make all of us feel lesser-than for being at a different point in our own journeys. Everybody struggles. The goal here is to share stories and ideas that inspire others to make the best possible use of their limited time on this little floating speck of a planet. The story profile process is also a good opportunity for the subject to reflect on their journey and passion and perhaps gain a better sense of understanding.

There are no ulterior motives here. My goal is not to lure you in with shiny and inspiring ideas in the hopes that you’ll purchase a product or sign up for a subscription of some kind. There are no paid endorsements or products covertly placed into anything here...which leads me to the last thing that The Enthusiasm Project is NOT…

Rest assured, I am gainfully employed outside of this endeavor. This is purely a passion project for me, and while it may be nice to be able to recoup some of the operating costs one day, that’s not the goal. I promise you right now on day one to keep this project pure. As an added bonus, not relying on advertising or income from The Enthusiasm Project means that I can remain in total control (cue evil laugh), helping to ensure that it provides as much value to the community as possible.

Ok, so what IS The Enthusiasm Project?

Everything here and everything connected to it comes from a genuine place. There are no ulterior motives or false pretenses. The ideas behind this project are values that I strongly believe in and feel are worth sharing. So whatever the subject, format, project, or story, please know that what you see is what you get.

It’s easy to criticize and tear down, but everything here originates from a place of positivity. There are many reasons to feel jaded and stressed by the world and all of its tragedies and struggles, but my goal is to provide an outlet from those feelings– a place to embrace a carpe diem-esque mentality while sharing and experiencing fun, creativity, and positivity. Hooray!

Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be complete. Much in the same spirit, my goal here to work at creating new, fun, and innovative ways of sharing these ideas while connecting with anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of it. There’s also just something genuinely exciting about freedom of experimentation that comes with a do-it-yourself attitude.

And finally, whether this is a hugely beneficial thing for many people, or a massive train wreck of a failure, I promise that I will always be ridiculously enthusiastic about it, and I hope you will too! Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Work hard, be kind, and have fun.